The benefits are clear

Simplify consumer choice

We simplify the choice for ticket buyers by providing an obvious destination for all their ticket purchases. When they see a .tickets website, the .tickets brand will give them the confidence to purchase.

Protect your brand

.tickets enables owners of valuable rights to more easily capture and retain economic control of their interests. We carefully monitor our domain space to ensure that all .tickets websites are operating fairly.

Grow your business

We enable brands and operators to diversify into new markets and test new strategies more easily. Entrepreneurs with exciting business models can accelerate success built on a powerful new brand and platform.

Accent Media sells ‘.tickets’ domains to every team in the MLB, the NFL, the NHL and the NBA.

Our clients

Premium names

A reserved list of premium generic names ranging from Category Killer names like to geographic names such as

Making the difference

A new service aimed at rights holders, trade mark holders, and their agents to ensure that any new domain registrations end up in the possession of those who hold the legitimate rights to that name.

.tickets is part of Accent Media, one of the Start Up 100 Winners, 2015

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