A full list of the |.tickets policies can be found here Registry Policies.

To avoid any confusion, we recommend that you read the full policy document.
However for reference the policies can be found broken out into a summary and sections.

  • Introduction

    1. Introduction


    Accent Media Ltd, its successors and assigns, is the ICANN appointed Registry Operator for the .tickets Registry. The Registry is the organisation which manages and offers domain names for registration globally under the “.tickets” top-level domain (TLD).

    .tickets is the authenticated online space for all ticketing needs, servicing the ticket industry and its customers in the fields of entertainment, travel, sport, and destinations of choice. It is where memorable domain names, alongside industry-backed rights protection, provide a gold standard for consumers to purchase tickets with confidence.

    The .tickets registration and acceptable use policies described herein have been carefully designed with the intention of protecting both rights holders and consumers, while creating an online environment to foster trust and innovation.

  • Registry Rules

    2. Registration Rules


    2.1. Term: Names may be registered for a period of no less than one (1) year and no more than ten (10) years, commencing on the date on which the Registry registers the domain name request to a Registrant.

    2.2. Names registered in .tickets must have at least 1 character and not more than 63.

    2.3. Names registered in .tickets may contain the 26 letters of the Latin alphabet, “a-z”, the ten digits, “0-9”, a hyphen, “-“, and then a dot,”.”. The dot is used exclusively to separate labels. The hyphen may not appear at the beginning or end of a label. A label may not contain more than 63 characters and the total number of characters in a name may not exceed 255 (including a final dot that is not normally displayed as a part of the name).

    2.4. Two hyphens may appear in the third and fourth positions in a label in a .tickets name only in accordance with the policies and procedures for Internationalized Domain Names (IDN) referenced below.

    2.5. Dotless domains are not permitted in the TLD. Dotless domain names are those that consist of a single label (e.g., http://tickets, or mail@tickets). Dotless names would require the inclusion of, for example, an A, AAAA, or MX, record in the apex of a TLD zone in the DNS (i.e., the record relates to the TLD-string itself).

    2.6. Registry will implement IDNs as approved by ICANN in its Registry Agreement and which may be also found on the CentralNic Registry Console.

    2.7. All names registered in .tickets TLD are subject to the .tickets Reserved Domain Names Policy.

    2.8. Privacy Registrations are not permitted. A privacy registration is one where the contact information of the holder of a domain name registration is hidden or masked from the registry’s Whois service. gTLD Registries are required to make available the identity and contact information of domain name registrants, administrative and technical contacts by way of web-based and plain-text Whois services. The Registry has determined that the use of privacy registration services is incompatible with the Registry objective of protecting both rights holders and consumers of tickets and maintaining a Whois database of accurate and up-to-date information of the Registrants. The Registry prohibits Applicants and Registrants from use of any such services. The Registry reserves the right to offer under limited circumstances its own Privacy Service.

    2.9. Proxy Registrations are not permitted. A proxy registration is one where the contact information of the domain name registration is a party not connected with the holder of the domain name. The contact information of authorised agents of the domain name are allowed, e.g. a law firm or artist’s agent, but Registrars do not qualify as an authorised agent. The Registry has determined that the use of proxy registration services is incompatible with the Registry objective of protecting both rights holders and consumers of tickets and maintaining a Whois database of accurate and up-to-date information of the Registrants. The Registry prohibits Applicants and Registrants from use of any such services.

  • Whois Verification and Domain Name Allocation Rules During General Availability

    1. Whois Verification and Domain Name Allocation Rules During General Availability

    All Applications for domain names in the TLD are processed on a first come first serve basis without prior verification. This updated policy replaces the prior version of Section 3 in its entirety.

    3.1.       Post Registration Enhanced Whois Verification

    3.1.1.   In order to ensure compliance with the Registry policies, the Registry will use commercially reasonable efforts to verify the Whois information (Registrant’s name, physical address, telephone, and email address, but not the Administrative, Technical or Billing Contacts) from time to time post registration. Where the Registry is unable to verify any part of the Whois information, it may contact the Registrar and/or the Registrant directly and ask that the inaccurate or incomplete Whois information be corrected or request that further documentary evidence be submitted. For the purposes of Post Registration Enhanced Whois Verification, the Registry may request documentary evidence (such as a valid passport, driving licence, certificate of incorporation, business licence).

    3.1.2.   Failure to provide accurate Whois Data and/or documentary evidence at the request of and within the time limit specified by the Registry, or as may be reasonably extended, may result in the lock, suspension or cancellation of a Registration.

    3.2.       Third Party Rights Checks   Further to any complaints or of its own accord the Registry reserves the right to conduct checks on any registration for indications of the infringement of third party rights on the actual name or a confusingly similar name in the ticketing industry (“Third Party Rights Check”). These checks are for the protection of consumer rights and the Registry may take such action in accordance with its anti-abuse policy.

    3.3.       Publication of Registrant The Registry shall publish all Registered Names and Registrants on its website to serve as notice to third parties of potential infringing names for a period of time as determined by the Registry. The purpose of publication is to help ensure that all registered names adhere to all terms of the Registry policy. Should a rights holder wish to report abuse, cybersquatting or unlawful activity or breach of consumer protection laws, complaints should be sent by email to: Any infringement of trademarks may result in other proceedings such as URS or UDRP. The Registrant and its Registrar will be notified in the event of such proceedings.

    3.4.       No Liability The Registry will in no way be held liable for implications arising from its checks and decisions from the Post Registration Enhanced Whois Verification and Third Party Rights Checks, including lost application fees or any other loss whether or not such a loss was foreseeable and the Registrant agrees and accepts the risks and terms herein.

    3.5.       Registry decisions are binding. The Registry’s checks, assessments and decisions on the Post Registration Enhanced Whois Verification, Third Party Rights Protection, Publication, are final and binding on the applicants, competing applicants and registrants.

    3.6.       Representations and Warranties by Applicants. By submitting an Application, the Applicant represents and warrants that all information supplied to its Registrar, the Registry or any appointed services provider to the Registry is true and accurate. The Registry reserves the right to deny, suspend, transfer and/or cancel a .tickets domain name registration at any time that it finds that any registrant information or any other information supplied in connection with a Registration is incomplete or fraudulent, or if the domain name is being used in contravention of its Acceptable Use Policies. If any person or organisation has found any abusive or illegal practices under a .tickets domain name please contact or submit a complaint via the Registry Website.


  • Anti Abuse and Acceptable Use Policy

    4. Anti Abuse and Acceptable Use Policy


    4.1. The Registry seeks to encourage best practice online with respect to online marketing, commerce and technical services, to protect consumers, and to support rights holders by providing acceptable use requirements and recommendations. Registrants of names in the .tickets TLD must uphold and promote the goals of the Registry, as published from time-to-time on

    4.2. All .tickets names are subject to this Anti-Abuse and Acceptable Use Policy. The Registry may modify this Policy from time to time in its sole discretion.

    4.3. In support of the Registry’s aim of protecting both rights holders and consumers, a .tickets domain name may not be registered or used to:

    (a) sell fake, counterfeit, non-existent, fraudulent or unauthorised goods, services, licenses, or other products including tickets;

    (b) transmit or redirect to misleading information (including via iframes, advertising, and similar) about the value, price, quality and/or availability of goods or services (including tickets);

    (c) transmit or redirect to misleading information (including via iframes, advertising, and similar) concerning its relationship with a source of goods and services (including tickets);

    (d) breach consumer protection regulations;

    (e) infringe another person’s trade mark rights or is contrary to another person’s rights under the English law of passing off (or broadly equivalent rights in some other jurisdiction); and

    (f) impersonate others.

    4.4. The Registry reserves the right to deny, cancel or transfer any registration or service, or place any domain name(s) on registry lock, hold, or other status, as it deems necessary, at its sole discretion and without notice:

    4.4.1. to protect the integrity, security, and stability of the domain name system;

    4.4.2. to comply with any applicable court orders, laws, requests or rulings from law enforcement agencies, government agencies, or other organizations, or dispute resolution proceedings;

    4.4.3. to avoid any liability, civil or criminal, on the part of the Registry, as well as its affiliates, subsidiaries, officers, directors, and employees or its service providers;

    4.4.4. per the terms of the Registry Policies or a breach thereof;

    4.4.5. to respond to or protect against any form of malware (which includes, without limitation, malicious code or software that may affect the operation of the Internet);

    4.4.6. to comply with specifications of any industry group or recognized authority on Internet stability (i.e., RFCs);

    4.4.7. to correct mistakes made by the Registry or any registrar in connection with the domain name registration; or

    4.4.8. for non-compliance with the terms of the Priority Boarding Program or,

    4.4.9. for non-payment of any fees owed.

    4.5. The following activities are prohibited, and constitute registration abuse which may result in cancelling, suspending, transferring and/or or deleting of the domain name. The Registrant and/or user of .tickets domain names agrees to:

    (a) Not upload, post, email, publish, transmit or otherwise make available (collectively, “Transmit”) any content that in the Registry’s sole discretion is unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, tortious, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, libellous, invasive of another’s privacy, hateful, or racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable;

    (b) Not impersonate, or attempt to impersonate, any person or entity, including, but not limited to, a celebrity, a personality, ticketing company, musician, band, club, venue, brand, tv show, an entertainment company, travel company, guide or host, or falsely state or otherwise misrepresent your affiliation with a person or entity;

    (c) Not harm minors in any way; not abuse children or Transmit child abuse material;

    (d) Not distribute malware; or operate botnets;

    (e) Not engage in phishing, piracy, trademark or copyright infringement, fraudulent or deceptive practices, counterfeiting or other activity contrary to applicable law;

    (f) Not forge headers or otherwise manipulate identifiers in order to disguise the origin of any content transmitted;

    (g) Not Transmit any content that the Registrant or user does not have a right to make available under any law or under contractual or fiduciary relationships (such as inside information, proprietary and confidential information learned or disclosed as part of employment relationships or under nondisclosure agreements);

    (h) Not Transmit any content that infringes any patent, trademark, service mark, trade secret, copyright or other proprietary rights of any party;

    (i) Not Transmit any unsolicited or unauthorised advertising including, but not limited to, “junk mail,” “spam,” “chain letters,” “pyramid schemes,” “phishing” or “pharming”

    (j) Not Transmit any content that contains software viruses or any other computer code, files or programs designed to interrupt, destroy or limit the functionality of any computer software or hardware or telecommunications equipment;

    (k) Not interfere with or disrupt servers or networks, or disobey any requirements, procedures, policies or regulations of networks;

    (l) Not relay email, or any form or part of electronic communications, from a third party’s mail servers without the permission of that third party ;

    (m) Not use “robots” or otherwise harvest other’s email addresses for purposes of sending unsolicited or unauthorised material;

    (n) Not upload, post, email, or Transmit the same message, URL, or text, including linked files, multiple times;

    (o) Not intentionally or unintentionally violate any applicable local, state, national or international law, including, any rules of any national or other securities exchange, and any regulations having the force of law;

    (p) Not engage, or attempt to engage, in spoofing;

    (q) Not “stalk” or otherwise harass another, or engage in cyber bullying;

    (r) Not sell counterfeit or unauthorised goods or commit fraud;

    (s) Not engage in typo-squatting or cyber-squatting.;

    (t) Not allow their systems and services to be compromised in such a way as to allow a third party to engage in any of the activities that would be deemed to be in breach of this Anti-Abuse and Acceptable Use Policy Policy.

    4.6. Registrants must comply with all applicable laws including those that relate to privacy, data collection, data protection, consumer protection (including in relation to misleading and deceptive conduct) and applicable consumer laws in respect of fair lending, debt collection, organic farming (if applicable), disclosure of data and financial regulations.

    4.7. If a Registrant is collecting and maintaining sensitive health and financial data, then they must comply with applicable laws on the provision of such services and include security measures appropriate to that sector.

    4.8. In the event that a Registrant has registered a domain name that infringes the rights of another, the Registry reserves the right in cooperation with the sponsoring Registrar to cancel or transfer such domain name registration, and take further action against the Registrant.

    4.9. All .tickets domain names are subject to ICANN’s policies (as amended from time to time), including the dispute resolution procedures of UDRP, URS and the rights of trademark holders as enforced by courts of law.

    4.10. This Policy does not exhaustively cover all potential abuses of domain names which may result in the suspension, transfer, cancellation or locking of a domain name under this Policy.

    4.11. Registrants may not operate third level registries with more than 100 sub-domains, or sell, license or lease subdomains, unless it has received express written permission of the Registry. For the avoidance of doubt, all Policies herein apply in full force to any sub-domains howsoever created.

    4.12. This Policy does not give rise to any rights of compensation or claims against the Registry howsoever caused.

    4.13. Victims of mis-selling or any breaches or infringements of Anti-Abuse and Acceptable Use Policy are encouraged to contact the Registry with specific complaint(s) at in order that the Registry may investigate the matter. The Registry does not guarantee a reply or that any action will be taken. If the Registry in its sole discretion finds that any of the Policies herein have been breached then the Registry may suspend, lock or cancel the Registration.

    4.14. Compliance with all laws. Registry must take into account all applicable laws, rules and regulations in the jurisdictions where it operates. As such the Registry reserves the right to deny or cancel registrations based upon relevant sanctions, programs or standards administered and/or supported in other jurisdictions.

  • Reserved Names and Premium Names Policy

    5. Reserved Names and Premium Names Policy


    Reserved Names and Premium Names Policy (“Policy”) of .tickets

    5.1. The Registry may reserve (i.e. withhold from registration or allocate to itself), restrict, or block certain domain names from registration (“Reserved List”). The Registry may add or remove domain names from its Reserved List at any time. This Reserved List shall generally consist of:

    5.1.1. Names reserved for Registry operations and other purposes, including without limitation, certain premium names retained for use by Registry’s strategic partners or names for later release;

    5.1.2. Names reserved to comply with ICANN requirements such as, but not limited to, Specification 5 of the .tickets gTLD Registry Agreement including any amendments thereto;

    5.1.3. Names reserved for its Priority Boarding Program as described below in Section 6.

    5.1.4. Premium Names including generic names and key words for later release by the Registry;

    5.1.5. Names that are temporarily unavailable due to processing delays from Sunrise or pending verification registrations, or for other reasons.

    5.2. Premium Generic Names. The Registry may reserve generic key words under this policy for individual release or later bulk release. Interested parties are encouraged to apply to the Registry for any such name by application to the Registry at stating the intended purpose and attaching any business plans if relevant. Applications will be reviewed on a first come first served basis subject to the Registry’s sole discretion.

    5.3. The Registry may modify this Policy from time to time in its sole discretion.

  • Priority Boarding Program

    6. Priority Boarding Program


    6.1. The Registry may undertake a Priority Boarding Program where certain domain names are allocated directly to third parties. This program is by invitation or application only.

    6.2. The domain name must be eligible for allocation by Registry and subject to Registry’s approval in its sole discretion. Eligibility criteria for Priority Boarding may include providing evidence of both prior use of a name and rights to use the proposed name or by application and/or verification of a proposed business case.

    6.3. The Priority Boarding Applicant must agree to abide by all .tickets Policies including Anti-Abuse and Acceptable Use Policies regarding acceptable content and business practices on .tickets domain names.

    6.4. The Priority Boarding Applicant must agree that at the time the Registry initiates a transfer to the Priority Boarding Program, all names will be subject to the Claims Notification policies, which state that any registered trademark holder with a matching mark to the domain name in question will be notified of the allocation, entitling them to utilize the URS, UDRP, and related mechanisms.
    A condition of acceptance of invitation to the Priority Boarding Program is that the Applicant must use the domain name(s). Except with the express written permission of the Registry, if the Priority Boarding Applicant fails to use the domain name for a website within 12 month period, then the Registry reserves the right to revoke, suspend or cancel the registration. Use may include forwarding, other transitional arrangements, hosted website or display marketing including online or offline advertising.
    The Priority Boarding Applicant must create an account at an eligible .tickets ICANN accredited Registrar.

    6.5. Applications must be made in good faith and must certify the veracity of the application at the time of submission. If the Applicant has supplied false details and/or fails to comply with the terms of this Application then the Registry reserves the rights to revoke, suspend or cancel the domain name at any time.

    6.6. Acceptance of the application does not create an employer-employee or agency relationship, a partnership or a joint venture between the parties.

    6.7. The Priority Boarding Applicant agrees to grant the Registry a limited license to use the domain names, logo and trading name(s) of the applicant or its business, in marketing materials by the Registry at its sole discretion.

    6.8. .tickets domain names on the Reserved List may not be eligible.

    6.9. No representations or guarantees are made by Registry that any applied for name(s) will qualify for this program, even if such name is shown as available at the time of application.

    6.10. Applications are subject to all Registry policies and all terms and conditions posted on the Registry Website from time to time.

    6.11. In order to ensure accuracy of submitted materials to support the application, all applicants agree to be contacted by telephone and/ or email for verification purposes.

    6.12. If an application is accepted the registrant must electronically or by hard copy sign all the terms and conditions for the Priority Boarding Program.

    6.13. For the Application the following information must be supplied:

    (a) Proposed domain name(s)

    (b) Company or entity name or individual name of proposed Registrant

    (c) Complete address

    (d) Contact person

    (e) Contact email

    (f) Contact telephone, including mobile if available

    (g) Evidence of prior use and rights, or business case summary for the proposed name

    (h) Website address (if available)

    6.14. The Registry reserves the right to modify the terms of the Priority Boarding Program or to discontinue the program at any time.

  • General Availability

    7. General Availability


    7.1. At all times during General Availability period names will be subject to Claims Notifications as set out below in Section 8. As such, an applicant for a domain name must acknowledge and accept the information contained within any Claims Notice that may be presented before processing of the application for registering a domain name.

  • Claims Notice Policy

    8. Claims Notice Policy


    8.1. All .tickets domains are subject to Claims Notices. As such, an applicant for a domain name must acknowledge and accept the information contained within any Claims Notice that may be presented before processing of the application for registering a domain name.

    8.2. The Registry reserves the right to modify the terms of the Claims Notice requirement or to discontinue the requirement at any time.

  • Dispute Policies

    9. Dispute Policies


    9.1. All Registrants agree to participate in and abide by any determinations made as part the
    ICANN dispute resolution procedures, including but not limited to:

    (a) Uniform Domain Name Dispute Policy (,

    (b) Uniform Rapid Suspension Policy (, and

    (c) Transfer Dispute Resolution Policy (

  • Privacy Policies

    10. Privacy Policies


    10.1. Introduction

    The Registry, as a company registered in England and Wales, is subject to the privacy laws and regulations of England and Wales. In addition the Registry has a Registry Service Provider, CentralNic Ltd, based in England and subject to data protection laws of England and the EU. The Registry collects information about visitors to the Registry Website and .tickets registrants through a variety of means. The Registry and the Registry Verification Agent request and collect personal data through the Advertisement Website to comply with Registry’s Whois verification rules. The Registry is subject to the data protection laws of England and the EU. Information is stored and used in a number of different ways. This Privacy Policy is intended to outline the information the Registry collects and how it is stored, used and protected. The Registry may modify this Policy from time to time in its sole discretion. Any modifications or amendments to this Policy shall be effective upon posting on the Registry Website giving at least 14 calendar days before it becomes effective.

    10.2. Policy

    The Registry, having considered the applicable laws on data protection principles, adopts the following privacy policies:

    (a) Personal data shall be processed fairly and lawfully.

    (b) Personal data shall be obtained only for one or more specified and lawful purposes, to comply with the Registry policies including Enhanced Whois Verification, and shall not be further processed in any manner incompatible with that purpose or those purposes.

    (c) Personal data shall be adequate, relevant and not excessive in relation to the purpose or purposes for which they are processed.

    (d) Personal data shall be accurate and, where necessary, kept up to date.

    (e) Personal data processed for any purpose or purposes shall be kept for no longer than is necessary for that purpose or those purposes.

    (f) Appropriate technical and organisational measures shall be taken against unauthorised or unlawful processing of personal data and against accidental loss or destruction of, or damage to, personal data.

    10.3. Relationship with Registrars

    10.3.1. Domain names are distributed through Registrars, accredited by ICANN, and who have entered into an RRA with the Registry. Registrars are agents who register domain names on behalf of their customers, and typically provide additional services (such as web hosting, email, and SSL certificates). Registrars have broad powers to register, delete, and modify the domain names that are registered for their customers, and use a variety of automated and manual tools to do so.

    10.3.2. The RRA requires that Registrars ensure that their connection to the Registry System is secure, and that all data exchanged between their system and the registry system is protected. However, the Registry cannot ensure or guarantee the security of Registrars’ systems. Registrants should contact their registrar if they have any questions or concerns about how the registrar processes, stores and transmits their personal information.

    10.4. What information the Registry collects

    10.4.1. All domain names registered in the .tickets database has to be associated with the following information:

    (a) Registered Name Holder (or registrant): the legal owner of the domain name.

    (b) Administrative Contact: the entity authorised by the registrant to interact with the registrar on behalf of the registrant.

    (c) Technical Contact: the entity authorised by the registrant to maintain the technical operations of the domain name.

    (d) Sponsoring Registrar: The entity authorised by the registrant to register and manage the domain.

    (e) Name servers: the domain name servers to which the domain must be delegated in order to function.

    10.4.2. At the time of Application, the Registry or its verification agents may request one or more of the following items from a natural person:

    (i) A valid driving licence;
    (ii) A valid passport;
    (iii) A valid national ID card;
    (iv) A National Insurance card (for UK residents);
    (v) A residence permit;
    (vi) A utility bill from the last 3 months; or
    (vii) A bank statement from the last 3 months.

    This data is not retained for longer than required, nor will it be published. In the event of investigation by law enforcement or by other lawful request the Registry may comply with such lawful requests.

    10.4.3. The following information may also be provided:

    (a) Billing Contact: the entity authorised by the registrant that is responsible for payment of registration and renewal fees to the registrar.

    (b) DNSSEC DS records: digests of the DNSSEC Secure Entry Point (SEP) for the domain name.

    10.4.4. The Registrant and the Administrative, Technical and Billing Contacts described above include the following verified information:

    (a) Contact Name/Role
    (b) Organisation
    (c) Street Address
    (d) City
    (e) State/Province
    (f) Post code
    (g) Country
    (h) Phone
    (i) Fax
    (j) Email

    10.4.5. The Registrar provides this information to the Registry when the domain is registered. Registrars can also amend the above information at any time during the lifetime of the domain registration. The Registrar does not share with the Registry the Registrant’s methods of payment or such other information about services a Registrant may have with its Registrar.

    10.4.6. At the point of registration, the Registry also stores the following information:

    (a) The creation date of the domain,
    (b) The expiry date of the domain,
    (c) Status codes used for Registry operations including, but not limited to, lock the domain, or prohibit updates.
    (d) A random authorisation code used for transfers.

    10.4.7. The Registry may also collect and retain information voluntarily supplied by applicants under its application policies, dispute procedures, Priority Boarding Program, or to support premium names applications. Such information may also be shared with third parties charged with the review of such applications and verification services or for the conduct of such dispute resolution procedures. The Registry will only have such information as provided voluntarily in order to validate the application for the domain name(s).

    10.5. Information the Registry does not collect

    The Registry does not receive or store any of the following information:

    (a) The IP address of the registrar’s customer,
    (b) Any credit card information,
    (c) Any passwords used by the registrant to access the registrar’s website.

    10.6. How information is stored

    Domain name registration information is stored in a central database. This database is hosted in a secure co-location facility and is protected by enterprise-grade firewalls.

    The Registry takes regular backups of the database to ensure continuity of service. All backups are stored in an encrypted format and are transmitted to off-site locations using encrypted communications channels to prevent unauthorised access.

    10.7. How information is used

    10.7.1. The Registry uses the domain name, name servers, and DNSSEC DS records (if any) to publish DNS zone files to facilitate the functioning of the domains. This information can be queried through the Registry’s public DNS servers. Third parties can also access copies of the zone files after signing an agreement.

    10.7.2. The Registrant, Administrative, Technical and Billing Contact information is published via the Whois service. The Whois system is a standard service operated by all domain name registries and Regional Internet Registries (RIRs) and is used by third parties to obtain information about registered domain names, and has a variety of uses, including:

    (a) Supporting the security and stability of the Internet by providing contact points for network operators and administrators, including ISPs, and certified computer incident response teams;

    (b) Determining the registration status of domain names;

    (c) Assisting law enforcement authorities in investigations for enforcing national and international laws;

    (d) Assisting in combating abusive uses of information communication technology;

    (e) Facilitating enquiries and subsequent steps to conduct trademark research and to help counter intellectual property infringement;

    (f) Contributing to user confidence in the Internet by helping users identify persons or entities responsible for content and services online; and

    (g) Assisting businesses, other organisations and users in combating fraud, complying with relevant laws and safeguarding the interests of the public.

    10.7.3. The Registry uses the Registrant, Administrative, Technical and Billing Contact information to contact the appropriate entities when dealing with the following issues, without limitation:

    (a) Processing applications for domain names
    (b) Non-payment of registration or renewal fees by the registrar
    (c) Misdirected SSL certificate requests
    (d) Complaints of trademark or copyright infringement, malware, fraud or spam

    10.8. An example of a typical Whois record appears below:

    Domain ID:CNIC-DO57351
    Domain Name:
    Created On:03-May-2014 12:00:42 UTC
    Last Updated On:16-Apr-2015 16:26:58 UTC
    Expiration Date:03-May-2016 23:59:59 UTC
    Registrant ID:H1030205
    Registrant Name: Hostmaster, Accent Media
    Registrant Street1: 35-39 Moorgate
    Registrant Postal Code: EC2R 6AR
    Registrant Country:UK
    Registrant Phone:+ 44 2233 3600
    Registrant FAX: + 44 2233 3001
    Admin ID: C11480
    Admin Name: Domain Administrator
    Admin Organization: CentralNic Ltd
    Admin Street1: 35-39 Moorgate,
    Admin City: United Kingdom
    Admin Postal Code; EC2R 6AR
    Admin Country:UK
    Admin Phone:+44 (0) 203 388 0600
    Admin FAX: + 44 2233 3001
    Tech ID:C11480
    Tech Name: Domain Administrator
    Tech Organization: Accent Media Ltd
    Tech Street1: 35-39 Moorgate
    Tech City: United Kingdom
    Tech Postal Code: EC2R 6AR
    Tech Country: UK
    Tech Phone:+ 44 (0) 203 388 0600
    Tech FAX:+ 44 2233 3001

    Billing ID: H1030205
    Billing Name: Hostmaster, Accent Media Ltd
    Billing Street1: 35-39 Moorgate
    Billing City: United Kingdom
    Billing Postal Code: EC2R 6AR
    Billing Country: UK
    Billing Phone:+ 44 (0) 203 388 0600
    Billing FAX:+ 44 2233 3001

    Sponsoring Registrar ID:C11480
    Sponsoring Registrar Organization: Accent Media Ltd
    Sponsoring Registrar Street:35-39 Moorgate
    Sponsoring Registrar City: United Kingdom
    Sponsoring Registrar Postal Code: EC2R 6AR
    Sponsoring Registrar Country: UK
    Sponsoring Registrar Phone:+ 44 (0) 203 388 0600
    Sponsoring Registrar FAX:+ 44 2233 3001

    Sponsoring Registrar Website:
    DNSSEC: Signed
    DS Key Tag 1:56736
    Algorithm 1:7
    Digest Type 1:1
    Digest 1:6419B7C362DC3904484D519507208AB2CDF62947
    DS Key Tag 2:56736
    Algorithm 2:7
    Digest Type 2:2
    Digest 2:BAC5C176500C920C4DF5013DD0A84C3BA4CAAF916C91F017F06B36EF E7788774

    10.9. How information is protected

    All interfaces used to collect information (specifically, EPP and Toolkit systems, the web-based Registrar Console and the Registry Website) use the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to encrypt information as it is transmitted to the Registry’s system. This is the same technology used to secure e-commerce systems and online banking.

    As described above, the database storing domain name registration data is hosted on a server in a secure colocation facility, protected by a firewall. When copied from this server, the database is always transmitted and stored using encryption technology.

    10.10. How to get further information or ask a question

    If a Registrant has any questions or comments about the Registry Policies, please contact the Registry at

  • Whois Access Policy

    11. Whois Access Policy


    11.1. Introduction

    This Policy relates to the dissemination of Registration Information.

    The Registry Operator is required to collect and provide domain name registration information (“Whois Data”) for a variety of purposes. The Registry Operator provides access to Whois Data through a standard text-based network protocol on Port 43. Whois Data can also be accessed on the Registry Operator’s website using a standard web interface.

    Both interfaces are publicly available at no cost to the user and are reachable worldwide. This service is available to any Internet user and its use does not require prior authorization or permission.

    11.2. Access to Whois Data in the Registry Operator’s database is provided to assist in determining the contents of a Registration record. Whois Data consists not only of the domain name but also the relevant contact information associated with the domain name as provided by the registrant. It also identifies nameserver delegation and the domain name’s registrar of record.

    11.3. The data in this record is provided for informational purposes only. The Registry Operator does not guarantee Whois Data accuracy. This service is intended only for query-based access. By submitting a Whois query to the Registry Operator, you agree to abide by this Policy.

    11.4. Security and Stability Considerations

    Abuse of the Registry Operator’s Whois interface through data mining may be mitigated by detecting and limiting bulk query access from single sources. Such queries by non-authorised parties will be limited and unauthorised queries may result in responses that do not include data sets representing significant portions of the registration database.

    In addition, the Registry Operator’s Whois web interface adds a simple challenge-
    response CAPTCHA that requires a user to type in the characters displayed in a certain image.

    The Registry Operator will employ a blacklist to block access to Whois Data by those found to violate the Registry Policies. At the Registry Operator’s sole and complete discretion, individual Internet protocol (“IP”) addresses or IP ranges may be prevented from accessing Whois Data.

    11.5. Terms of Use

    By accessing Whois Data from the Registry Operator, the user agrees to use the Whois Data only for lawful purposes and that under no circumstances will use the Whois Data to:

    (a) allow, enable, or otherwise support the transmission by e-mail, telephone, or facsimile of mass unsolicited, commercial advertising or solicitations to any entities (other than your existing customers from whom you collected such information with their knowledge and permission);

    (b) enable high volume, automated, electronic processes that send queries or data to the systems of the Registry Operator, its registry service provider or any Registrar, except as reasonably necessary to register domain names or modify existing registrations; or

    (c) collect or attempt to collect the majority or entirety of the Whois database contents.

    Users who collect Whois Data by any of the above purposes are prohibited from publishing such Whois Data.

    When using the Registry Operator’s Whois service, the user should consider the following:

    (a) The Whois service is not a replacement for standard EPP commands;

    (b) Whois Data is not considered authoritative for registered domain objects;

    (c) The Whois service may be scheduled for downtime during production or operation, testing and evaluation maintenance periods; and,

    (d) Queries to the Whois service may be “throttled” (i.e. if too many queries are received from a single IP address within a specified time, the service will begin to reject further queries for a period of time to prevent disruption of Whois service access).

    Information regarding the Registry Operator’s searchable Whois service is available on the Registry Website. The Registry may modify this Policy from time to time in its sole discretion.

  • Registry Lock Service

    12. Registry Lock Service


    12.1. In order to better protect Registrants from domain name hacking, the Registry offers a Registry Lock Service. The Registry Lock Service is a mechanism under which any requests for changes to a domain name server have to be manually verified and authenticated by the Registry. This means that the request for a DNS update may take more time as it has to be handled manually with an ID check, but it provides an additional level of extra security in case of a hacker attack.

    12.2. A registry lock has the functionality to lock:

    1) Name Server record updates

    2) Domain Password (EPP Authcode) updates

    3) Domain Contact changes

    4) Domain Sync (changes to expiry dates)

  • Amendments

    13. Amendments


    13.1. The Registry may modify its Policies from time to time in its sole discretion. The Registry reserves its rights to update its policies herein upon no less than 14 calendar days’ notice to Registrars for the limited purposes of: 
    (a) Updating the Registry’s contact information (email, address, etc)

    (b) Complying with ICANN consensus policies

    (c) Complying with new consumer protection legislation

    (d) Correcting and updating links

    (e) Correcting typographical errors OR

    (f) Updating policies following ICANN approved additional registry services or amendments to the .tickets Registry Agreement which have been subject to an RSEP or other approval process by ICANN.

    13.2. Notices under section 13.1. shall be effective upon posting on the Registry Websiteand posting on the CentralNic Registrar Console.

    13.3. Any changes of policies which would require technical implementation by the Registrar shall be effective upon posting on the Registry Website and or posting on the CentralNic Registrar Console and giving ninety (90) days prior written notice to the Accredited Registrars.

  • Definitions

    1. Definitions

    In this document:

    “Accredited Registrar” means a domain name registrar that is (i) accredited by ICANN and (ii) has entered into a Registry-Registrar Agreement with the Registry.

    “Allocation” means the method by which a domain name is created and assigned to an Applicant; “Allocated” shall have a corresponding meaning.

    “Applicant” means a natural person, company or organisation in whose name an Application is submitted.

    “Application” means the complete and technically correct request for a domain name, which complies with this policy and any other policy issued by us, or ICANN.

    “Application Fee” means all non-refundable fees applied charged by the Registry to Registrars for all applications of registration.

    “Business Days” means Monday to Friday business days in England, excluding bank holidays in England.

    “CentralNic Registrar Console” means the console provided by CentralNic available at

    “Claims Notice“ means a notice provided to an Applicant indicating that the applied for label is a Trademark Match to a Trademark Record in the Trademark Clearinghouse.

    “Claims Services” means the services that collectively provide:

    • Applicants with a Claims Notice, and
    • Trademark Holders, with a corresponding Trademark Record, with notice that a label that is a Trademark Match to the Trademark Record is Allocated.

    “Claims Period” means any period during which the Claims Services are provided.

    “Enhanced Whois Verification” means the Whois verification standard set out in sections 3.2 of the Registry Polices.

    “General Availability” means the point in time following which Applications to register a domain name may be received from an Applicant on a first come, first served basis.

    “ICANN” means the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, its successors and assigns.

    “ICANN Requirements” means the Registry’s obligations under the Registry Agreement between Registry and ICANN and all ICANN Consensus Policies applicable to the .tickets TLD.

    “Registrant” is an Applicant that has submitted a Registration Request that has been paid for in full and accepted by the Registry. A Registrant is the holder of a Registered Name in the TLD.

    “Registration” means a .tickets name that has been accepted by the Registry in accordance with the terms of the Registry-Registrar Agreement and the Registration Agreement for registration during a specified term.

    “Registration Agreement” means the agreement between Registrant and Accredited Registrar for THE registration of the domain name.

    “Registration Request” is an application submitted by an Accredited Registrar on behalf of an Applicant to register a name in the .tickets TLD.

    “Registry” or “Registry Operator” is Accent Media Limited, its successors and assigns, with its principle office address at 35-39 Moorgate London EC2R 6AR.

    “Registrar” means an ICANN-accredited entity that is authorised to offer domain name registration services in relation to the TLD.

    “Registration Board” means the section of the Advertisement Website where applications listed are not open for Competing Applications;

    “Registry Policies” means the policies adopted or amended from time to time by the Registry as posted under Policies on the Registry Website.

    “Registry-Registrar Agreement” or “RRA” is the agreement between Registry and Accredited Registrars, as amended from time to time.

    “Registry System” means the system operated by Registry for Registered Names in the .tickets TLD.

    “Registry Verification Agent” means the third party appointed by the Registry to provide verification services herein.

    “Registry Website” is

    “Requested Name” is a domain name .tickets which an applicant submits to a registrar for registration.

    “TLD” means Top-Level Domain and for the purpose of this policy the TLD shall be .tickets. “TMCH Sunrise and Claims Operator” means the providers appointed by ICANN to serve as the Trademark Clearinghouse by accepting, authenticating, validating and facilitating the transmission of information related to certain trademarks.

    “Trademark Clearinghouse Guidelines” means the guidelines which can be found at the following link (as may be updated from time to time) which provide an overview of the requirements for the inclusion of trademarks in the Trademark Clearinghouse.

    “Trademark Clearinghouse” means the central repository for information to be authenticated, stored, and disseminated, pertaining to the rights of Trademark Holders. Trademark Holder means holders of marks that have been verified by the TMCH Sunrise and Claims Operator as meeting the requirements specified in the Trademark Clearinghouse Guidelines.

    “Trademark Match” means that a label is a match to a trademark, as described in the Trademark Clearinghouse Guidelines.

    “Trademark Record” means a complete and correct set of information concerning a trademark or other mark submitted to the Trademark Clearinghouse.

  • Appendix 1 – Examples of Tickets and Ticketing Goods and Services

    Appendix 1 – Examples of Tickets and Ticketing Goods and Services


    Admission ticket reservation and booking services for night clubs and night club events

    Air ticket booking services

    Airline ticket reservation services

    Airline ticket services

    Arcade redemption game machines which dispense tickets or the like to successful players

    Arranging airline tickets, cruise tickets and train tickets

    Arranging for ticket reservations for shows and other entertainment events

    Arranging the emergency replacement of airline tickets

    Automated ticket printing apparatus

    Automatic ticket dispensers

    Automatic ticket dispensing machines

    Booking agencies concert tickets

    Booking agencies for theatre tickets

    Booking agency service for cinema tickets

    Booking agency services for cinema tickets

    Booking agency services for theatre tickets

    Booking of air tickets

    Booking of rail tickets

    Booking of seats for shows and booking of theatre tickets

    Booking of tickets for travel

    Booking of travel tickets

    Commutation-ticket holders

    Disposable ticket sets for playing games of chance

    Electronic and electrical apparatus, namely, ticket issuing, reading and recording machines

    Electronic parking lot ticket dispensers

    Electronic terminal for an electronic lottery system which generates lottery tickets

    Electronic terminals for generating lottery tickets

    Entertainment admission venue control services, namely, the remote verification of ticket validity upon presentation of tickets at an entertainment venue

    Entertainment services, namely, arranging for ticket reservations for water parks and amusement centres

    Entertainment services, namely, arranging for ticket reservations for amusement park attractions

    Entertainment ticket agency services

    Entry tickets

    Hand tools for removing the outer coating on a lottery ticket

    Hand tools, namely, lottery ticket scrapers

    Heat sensitive tapes for use in the printing of tickets

    Holders specially adapted for lottery tickets

    Instruments for punching tickets

    Issuing of tickets for travel

    Issuing stored value cards for use as electronic travel tickets

    Lottery ticket dispensing apparatus

    Lottery tickets

    Machines for creasing and folding tickets and vouchers for use in vehicle parking, travel and entertainment

    Machines for printing, creasing and folding tickets and vouchers for parking and transportation management systems that also issue, date, validate, time stamp and cancel the tickets and vouchers

    Management of event ticketing for others

    Metal train and bus ticket holders

    Non-metal train and bus ticket holders

    On-line admission ticket agency services for entertainment, educational, sporting and cultural events

    On-line entertainment ticket agency services

    On-line transportation reservation and travel ticket reservation services

    Passenger tickets

    Price tickets

    Printed lottery tickets

    Printed tickets

    Procurement, namely, purchasing tickets to entertainment events for others

    Providing an Internet website portal featuring links to musical artist websites and music performance ticket information

    Providing automated check-in and ticketing services for air travellers

    Providing will-call ticket services

    Rental of machines which issue tickets for travel

    Reservation services for concert and theatre tickets

    Reservation services for concert tickets

    Reservation services for show tickets

    Reservation services for theatre tickets

    Supplying tickets to enable holders to travel

    Theatre ticket agency services

    Theatre ticket booking services

    Theatrical ticket agencies

    Theatrical ticket agency services

    Ticket agency services [entertainment]

    Ticket agency services for entertainment events

    Ticket booking services for travel

    Ticket cancelling machines

    Ticket dispensers

    Ticket information services for entertainment events

    Ticket information services for shows

    Ticket information services for sporting events

    Ticket pouches

    Ticket procurement services for entertainment events

    Ticket procurement services for sporting events

    Ticket reservation and booking services for entertainment, sporting and cultural events

    Ticket reservation and booking services for recreational and leisure events, namely, {specify recreational or leisure event, e.g., fishing
    tournaments, music concerts, theatre shows, etc.}

    Ticket reservation services (Concert -)

    Ticket reservation services (Theatre -)

    Ticket reservation services (Travel -)

    Ticket reservation services for travel

    Ticket stock

    Ticket stock [printing paper]

    Ticketing and event booking services

    Ticketing services for travel


    Tickets (Instruments for punching -)

    Travel and tour ticket reservation service

    Travel and tour ticket reservation services

    Travel assistance services, namely, arranging for the emergency replacement of airline tickets

    Travel ticket reservation service

    Travel ticket reservation services

    Video lottery ticket terminals [dispensers]

  • Do I need to be within the ticketing industry to purchase a name?

    No, anyone that agrees to our acceptable use policy can register a name. This does not guarantee the domain however as those with valid rights take priority over those without. Examples of acceptable evidence of rights can be found in our policies (section 3.9).

  • What is .tickets?

    .tickets is a new Top Level Domain (TLD). A TLD is the part of a domain name to the right of the dot in an internet address. These include .COM, .CO.UK, or .NET and since 2014 have included new TLDs such as .LONDON, .NYC and .BUZZ. We are creating a safe, secure and trusted global domain environment for online ticket sales, marketing and promotions.

  • Will the domains ever need to be verified?

    The Registry reserves the right to verify any registration at any time to comply with its policies. Registrants may be requested to submit proof of its registrant WHOIS information. Registry may carry out periodic spot checks on domain names requesting validation of registrant name, address and email.

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