Become a .Tickets Registrar

As an ICANN accredited registrar you are eligible to sell .TICKETS domain names.

Reasons your customers will love .TICKETS web-addresses

  • They’re simple: .Tickets is a simple, memorable domain extension that is a must for any legitimate business that sells tickets. Simplifies editorial and advertising campaigns and improves search optimisation and messaging.
  • They’re secure: The registry samples websites associated with .tickets domain names are audited to ensure they are legitimate and meet industry guidelines.
  • They do one job: A .tickets web address is designed to do one thing maximise ticket sales.
  • They do it well: A .tickets web address acts like a beacon, guiding users that are ready to buy to a point of sale, in one click.

If you are interested in becoming a .TICKETS registrar please complete the form below:

.tickets is part of Accent Media, one of the Start Up 100 Winners, 2015

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